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Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Weird & Wonderful

While on the Defence Photographers Course last year, we were sent on many a task within local towns to get portraits. It was a confidence building exercise as much as it was photographic, helping the younger & more timid to lads come out of their shells more.

I popped into a coffee shop in Shrewsbury & met a girl called Ellen. After I gave her the low down on who I am & what I wanted she was more than co-operative. After I bagged the shots I needed we got chatting. It turned out Ellen was heavily into amateur dramatics & was very keen on having some weird and wacky pictures taken of her.

So with several projects looming I called upon Ellen several times to help me out. She was a natural, changing her pose with every "click" of the shutter, & she was not shy to be dressed up, made up & posed to look the part.

Crazy shots, but I love them

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