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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Old Barn

A couple of weeks ago, I came across these two old barns, resembling what looked like a pair of old chicken barns. After an initial scout about, I organised another shoot with a guy called Rob. We had worked together before, and I thought he would suit the surroundings very well. After finding the owner of the barns and explaining what I wanted to do, he was more than happy for us to fill our boots.

The shoot was all planned. I even had another photographer, Paul Morrison, with me. Paul is a colleague and friend, and was keen when I asked him if he wanted to tag along. We got into location, I showed everyone around, and discussed what I wanted from the day, and we started.

The location was, in my opinion, a goldmine! For my particular style of photography, this was heaven! The place was a mess, just how I wanted it. The roof had collapsed in places, there were all sorts of weird and wonderful things about this place, too many to mention in fact.

I hope you enjoy viewing them

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